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#graveyART オリーーーーーーーーちゃん!!!! かんむりょうとか日本語書くのうまかったし そばもおいしそうだった…!!!
2022年01月27日 07:41:53

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I did that shit That shit right there I drew that?? Anyways miss Ollie if you see this and would like the other physical charm and some stickies I'd love to send them your way queen 🥺🥺 Only if it can be done safely of course #graveyART #hololive
2022年01月26日 12:41:58
Gotta take some time off from watching hololive(╥﹏╥) Need to study cuz exam is coming. Ollie probably won't let me watch her stream if I don't study🤣 #graveyART
2022年01月25日 23:28:28